Automatic Supply Unit - ASU

Innovative seal supply system in miniature format for maximum economy

The task of seal supply systems is to keep the lubricant of a seal at a constant level and to maintain the sealing pressure within the seal. This reduces damage and wear to the seal, especially from foreign objects. Since seals are subjected to the most stress during operation, seal supply systems are essential for pumps.

Vogelsang ASU

Thanks to the patented Automatic Supply Unit (ASU), a reciprocating pump, in conjunction with the seal, pumps barrier medium into the chamber with every rotation - and all this with a system the size of a beverage can. Even the slightest pressure drop is simultaneously compensated by the ASU. Depending on requirements, an overpressure can be kept constant at 2.0 or 4.3 bar.

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Compact and low cost

The advantage of our ASU is in particular the compactness of the system at a very low price. Not only the low initial costs of the ASU, which are amortized after a very short time, are far below those of conventional seal supply systems. The ease of servicing and maintenance of the compressed system also has a positive effect on operating costs.

More service life - less space required

Unlike conventional systems, the ASU does not consist of a large number of components and aggregates necessary for the barrier pressure. The ASU performs the tasks with the same result, requiring less installation space. In addition, the ASU achieves up to 100% longer seal life. As a result, the seal needs to be replaced 33% less frequently. As a result, the operating costs of the plant are reduced and plant availability is increased at the same time.


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